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T-ENGINE Drum roller watch concept art

The Story of T-ENGINE

Roll back to future...

T-ENGINE is not just a watch brand, it's a passion, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of perfection. Since 1989, we have been crafting watches with precision and artistry, but it wasn't until 2018 that we established our own brand. We wanted to create something that truly represented our vision, a timepiece that could showcase the beauty of engineering and the power of innovation. And we did just that!

Our breakthrough moment came with the development of the "Drum Roller Movement," a revolutionary technology that took the watch industry by storm. With its unique design and flawless functionality, we knew that we had something special. But it wasn't just about the technology; it was about the story behind it. We wanted the world to know that watches could be so much more than just a functional accessory, they could be a statement, a symbol of style and sophistication.

We are not just watchmakers, we are storytellers, and our timepieces are the canvas on which we paint our passion. Every watch we create is a reflection of our commitment to excellence, our love of design, and our drive to innovate. We continue to push the boundaries of what's possible, developing new movements that not only keep time but also capture the essence of time itself.

Join us on this journey of exploration and discovery, where time is not just a measurement but a celebration of life. T-ENGINE, where engineering meets emotion.

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  • What is the T-ENGINE watch?
    The T-ENGINE watch is a luxury wristwatch brand with a classic motor gear feeling to it. Not only does it have features such as an independant roller gearbox to display current time. The design is simple and elegant with unique theme and color design on the dial so that it can be matched to any outfit or occasion.
  • How does the T-ENGINE drum roller watch work?
    The T-ENGINE drum watch is a timepiece that uses a roller to tell time. it replaced tradition wristwatch swing hands design. The roller rotates in a clockwise motion and each roller is represent hour and minutes digit. The T-ENGINE drum watch powered by battery, instead it works by tension from your arm when you wear it that winds up a shaft. The battery life can last more than 18 month.
  • What's different with Three roller and Multi-Function series?
    The T-ENGINE watch has two series: the popular Three Roller Series and the Multi-Function Series. The Three Roller series can display 1 digit hour of time, and 2 digit of minutes of time. Keep it simple and easy to wear. The Multi-Function Series equipped tradition hands and drum roller movement, the analog and roller time are working independently which allow you can view 2 different timezone at the same time.
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